Bespoke furniture workshop


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01722 717980 or 07305 640050

Designs in aluminium, steel, copper and brass.

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A reception desk for an art gallery in anodised aluminium sheet.

A table and a storage cabinet in brushed and anodised  aluminium for Red pencil Studios.

Two cabinets in yew with anodised aluminium and oxidised copper and steel panels. Both have patinated steel stands.

Oxidised copper and brass side table and a heat oxidised steel pedestal.

Light, bowl and vase in spun copper with aluminium bases. The bowl is in the Manchester Museum of Art permanent collection.

A cabinet for housing stereo equipment and vinyl albums in sycamore veneer  with black stained interior, supported in a patinated steel frame.

A yew and stained veneer mirror with aluminium,steel and copper details.

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