Toadstack is suitable for installation in open gardens, wooded areas and public spaces. He is constructed from stacked 36mm thick reclaimed pine, with spacers between each one to allow free circulation of air. His dragonfly lunch is of other media to contrast with the timber body.

The full size structure has been exhibited at our workshop during the Wylye Valley Art Trail in 2013. Click on the link buttons to see this work on Artparks sculpture site, and this and paintings on the Saatchi site.

artparks 7 from camera fair and toad 008 Giant Toad 2 toad G (1) toad A (2) toad E toad B (1) forartparks 2 mug shot 006 finished cows 015 finished cows 014 art trail 2013 007 [email protected]

TOADSTACK is a giant toad of stacked wood. The pictures show the completed three metre

high toad, the one eighth scale model, together with various stages of construction.

Cow and Bull planters and storage boxes made of wood covered in polyester resin.



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