Bespoke furniture workshop

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Interior accessories designed and produced at PRODUCTS Clerkenwell workshops.

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Above: Ceramic clocks, slip cast with decal decoration and right, Eleganza anodised aluminium clock.

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POLLUX steel clock on wheels

CASTOR steel clock on castors

Steel clocks on wheels. The horizontal clock won Best Product Award at Top Drawer Exhibition 1987

Alarm clocks, one with matt finish acrylic and a stove enamelled base, and the other in anodised aluminium.

Slip cast ceramic clock, freestanding or wall mounted.

Painted wooden block clock.

Two designs of anodised ball point pens, one with a push cap and one with a screw cap.

Spun aluminium beakers on wheeled coasters.

Black and chrome stove enamelled lamps.

Ceramic vase.

Ceramic storage jars.

LIMA lamp.

WHEELIE table.

BERTIE chair.

BLITZ lamp.

ELEGANZA aluminium clock.

Ceramic EAR clocks.

[email protected] supermans clock